Actual Year to date (YTD)

YTD projected becomes the Financial foundation for Next Year Operating Plan.

Meetings with Shareholder

To define strategic platforms for the next year.

Cross functional meetings to align strategic platforms & priorities

Business learnings and insights feeds into strategic planning.

First Draft of the Annual Operating Plan

Building strategies and tactics to hit priorities

Close of the Annual Operating Plan

Final year end Performance vs. Draft and 2 year projection

Roadmap execution

Annual Operating Plan


Annual Operating Plan

2 year Business Plan

Management Information

Month/quarter Monitoring

We deliver Management Control, in a water clear and automatic way,  accessible through our Cloud  computing AMIGO platform.

We identify correction opportunities in business drivers to ensure financial and strategic targets.


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Annual Plan Module

SPI - Control de Gestión

Future cast projection

Monthly performance review


Reporting deviations. Amigo platform

Strategic Planning Module

Business Plan

  • Dimension
  • Treasury
  • Roadmap

Cross.functional meetings

  • Priorities alignment
  • Budgeting Module


Management Reporting

  • Management Reporting
  • Amigo Platform

Integrated Managment Control

Budgeting Module

  • Align strategic platforms
  • Roadmap

Performance Review

  • Deviation Analysis
  • Treasury


Implementation of corrections

  • Management Reporting
  • Amigo platform